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Necklace of Stars
Written & illustrated by Veronika Martenova Charles

Miguel was not lonely so much as he was curious. And, when he asked his father to tell him about the city beyond the mountains, he didn't know what would happen. Now by the shore of the Emerald Lake he must choose between his world and another.

High in the Andes, surrounded by giants, Miguel learns that even a boy can stand tall enough to reach the stars.

Veronika Martenova Charles crafts a mystic tale, mixing dreams with reality, humility with grandeur, folk lore with history, and presents it with the clarity of a crisp mountain breeze.

• Canadian Children's Book Centre "Our Choice" Award, 1998

Canadian Review of Books
“The folkloric element…seems to inspire the author… her prose and illustrations begin to soar. There are truly beautiful paintings in this book which make any reader long for emerald lakes and rough mountains. The sufficiently absorbing story has incorporated some classical magical elements which weight this adventure tale with echoes of ancient lore”

NAPRA Review
“[a] georgeous picture [book] with [a] meaningful story that will captivate and inspire young listeners”

Flint Journal
“Charles once again weaves a spell of dreamlike magic and exotic mysticism”

Barnes & Noble
“Charles combines Andean folklore, with history, her own imaginings, and beautiful illustrations top create a beautiful story about the fantastical search of a curious young boy who find that even he can reach the stars.”

University of New Orleans
“This story is wonderful… Young children can appreciate the book for its wonderment… older children and adults will appreciate the story for its deep sense of history and the importance of family”

Books In Canada
“'Necklace of Stars' is the story of the Andes, its present, past, and its role in myth and folklore. … Charles in both text and illustration, captures and conveys the ancient dignity and beauty of the landscape. She paints the mountains in an abstract, highly textured manner, and they are visually the most interesting characters in the book.”

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Published by Fitzhenry & Whiteside

Cover artwork used with permission.
All rights reserved.

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© copyright Veronika Martenova Charles. Artwork used by permission. Website by Hoffworks